About FFL Transfer

We take the hassle out of shipping firearms for you. We handle incoming and outgoing transfer services fast and convenient for everyone involved.

We are aware that there are a lot of competitive prices out there in the internet, however make sure to give us a call to see if we can match a price, you find online before buying! It is always better to support a local business.

We are registered with most Majors online retailers, but we have also simplified the process by having available our FFL above ready to be downloaded or you can take a screenshot as well if they need it.

Once your firearm is delivered and after it has been logged into our A&D book, expect a call or text message from one of our team members between 24-48 hours to allow for processing time to advise your transfer is ready to be picked up.

Incoming Transfers Have a Fee Of $15.00 Plus $5.00 FDLE Fee. You will need to fill out the proper documentation required by law to start the transaction. Make sure to bring a valid government-issued photo ID & your CWP permit in the case you have it, if you do not, please make sure to bring us a physical copy of your purchase receipt. If the sales receipt does not show your name and address matching your government-issued photo ID, we cannot proceed with the transfer as per ATF regulations the firearm can only be transferred to the person who paid for the gun.

If you are wondering, we are not like most FFL dealer, we also accept transfers from individuals. A copy of a valid government-photo ID card and contact information needs to be sent along with the firearm to proceed with the transfer.


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